November 20, 2002

Announcement of the 50th Anniversary Celebration
of the Founding of IMR, CAS

Founded since 1953, IMR, CAS has developed herself into an important base of materials science and engineering research in China at present time. IMR, enjoying high reputation both at home and abroad has made great and strategic contributions not only to the development of materials science, economic construction and national security, but also to gathering and cultivating a great number of elite scientists of materials science and engineering experts through 50 years.

In order to recall her history, understand her task, unite superb wisdom of talents with her and be confident in her bright expectations, IMR is going to celebrate her 50th anniversary on June 13, 2003 in Shenyang, China. She will invite some well-known scholars both at home and abroad to take part in the celebration activities and to deliver instructive and interesting academic lectures during that period. Bearing in mind the friendship that "A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near", she sincerely invites former colleagues once working for IMR both at home and overseas now, leaders at all levels, personalities of various circles and friends in the society who have ever cared for and supported IMR in her development of science and technology through all these years to get together and enjoy the great happy occasion together.

She would also convey great thanks to those colleagues and figures of all walks of life in the society who took care of her, helped her and supported her in her development of science research and technology through a long period of time.

Preparatory Office for Anniversary Celebration of IMR, CAS

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